Retention of Inactive Candidate Profiles

The candidate profile is created by applicants on the UTORecruit system.  It contains only information created by the candidate (name, address, cover letter, employment equity questionnaire data, resume etc.). 

The following candidate retention plan has now been adopted for UTORecruit:

  • Candidate profiles will be deleted if there is no activity on the profile for two years. 
  • Profiles will be deleted by the UTORecruit system administrator on an annual set schedule on or near July 1 of each year.
  • If there is a reason not to delete a profile (e.g. a dispute) we can retain that information upon request.
  • Once a candidate profile has been deleted, it will not be available in UTORecruit job requisitions. 

Please note that the University file retention plan states that search committee files (including membership of search committee, application letters, CVs, letters of reference from internal and external sources, correspondence, memoranda, accompanying documentation, etc.) be kept until 6 months after an appointment is made and then destroyed. If you have search committee files kept out of the system, they should follow this retention schedule.