Advertising Options is where scholars post and review research, network, and look for jobs.

Job postings on are routed to appropriate members when they log in (your keywords are matched with their interests) and are featured on our job board.

They offer:

  • unlimited discipline category tags
  • a diverse, global audience of 9 million registered users worldwide
  • all postings that open to a full page
  • a 20% discount on all single ads or packages for the University of Toronto.

Single job postings cost $240 (USD) and a three-pack costs $612. Three-packs must be used within six months and can be shared by departments.

To post a job, go to If you have questions, email Sam Bonafante or call him at 646.943.4301. To receive the discount, email or call when you are ready to post. can send an invoice, or you may pay by credit card or PayPal.