Approval Process for Academic Requisitions

All academic requisitions require approval from the Dean’s Office (for multi-departmental Faculties) and from the Provost’s Office. This section explains how to request approval(s) using UTORecruit. Clinical requisitions in the Faculty of Medicine only require approval from the Dean’s Office.

Requesting Approval

Important: Before requesting approval for your requisition, you must add the appropriate approvers as collaborators.

Once the requisition is complete and you have ensured that the appropriate approvers have been added as collaborators, you can Request Approval(s).

  • Go to the requisition for which you want approval.
  • Click “More Actions.”
  • Choose “Request Approval” from the drop-down list.
more actions, request approval

This opens the Request Approval box, which allows you to set the approval path.

  • In the name box, type “Approver.”
  • Choose your Dean’s Office Approver account first (if applicable).
  • Choose the Provost’s Office Approver account second (not required for Clinical requisitions in the Faculty of Medicine).
  • Type your request in the Comment field (required).
  • Click “Done.”
request approver box

Approval Process

Once you have set the approval path, the first approver will be notified by email of your approval request. Once approved at the Dean’s Office level (if applicable), the Provost’s Office will be notified automatically by email.

Important: If there are substantial changes required, the requisition will be rejected and sent back for editing. The approval process will need to be re-initiated in order for it to be approved. If you are in a multi-departmental Faculty, you must add the Dean’s Office again, even if the requisition was rejected at the Provostial level.

  • Any changes or other comments will appear in the History tab as a comment bubble (hover over these bubbles to view the text).
reject approval
  • Once approved, a note is added automatically to the History tab:
history comment bubble

Note: The ASA is not notified by the system when a posting is approved or rejected. Best practice is to log into UTORecruit daily to check the status of your requisition.

Two business days are required for Provostial approval of a requisition. An email will be sent to the ASA once a requisition is approved. A separate email is also sent to the chair of the search committee outlining recommended next steps for using UTORecruit for the search.

Once your requisition is approved, you will post it on the University of Toronto careers site where candidates can apply online.