Posting a Requisition on the U of T Careers Site

Once your requisition has received Provostial approval, it can be posted on the appropriate U of T careers site.

You may also wish to track where applicants learn about the job to better target future advertising efforts by adding sources to the “Where did you learn about this position” question in the online application process.

Adding Sources

If you wish to track where applicants learn about your position you can add to the default list provided in the system. The main sources (e.g., journals, websites, listservs, and associations) are included by default and departments/divisions can add specific venues where they advertise positions.

If you wish to add a source that is not listed contact before you post your requisition to the career site.

To add sources:

  • Click on “Requisitions.”
  • Choose the requisition you wish to post.
  • Click on “Posting and Sourcing” (this option is only available if the requisition has been approved).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the Sources section.
  • Click “Modify” to open the Source Selector window.
  • In the Quick Filter section, change Show to “Taleo” and a list of source will appear in the main window.
  • Search for a source by typing in the Source field box.
  • Click
    search button
    to search.
  • Click on “Select” beside the correct source to add this to the requisition.
  • Repeat for additional sources.
  • Click “Done.”
  • The source(s) will appear in the Sources area.
  • The requisition is ready for posting on the careers site.
  • Scroll to the top of the page labelled Services – Career Sections.

Posting a Requisition on the Careers Site

Before you post, be sure to have your job closing date handy. Remember that the closing date you use in this section must be the same as what was entered in your requisition.

  • Go to the requisition you wish to post.
  • Click on “Posting and Sourcing.”
  • Under Post jobs to external and internal career sections, click “Modify” to open the Posting Requisitions window.
  • Click on the calendar icon to set the End Date for the requisition.
  • The Career Section will be populated based on the template of your requisition (e.g., Faculty or Clinical).

Remember: Positions must be advertised for at least 30 days and no more than 365 days from the date of first posting. 

  • Check the box beside Posted under Posting Status.
  • Click “Done.”
  • Review the details.

Your requisition is now posted on the careers site. It is also on the site used by the Provost’s Office to create print ads for University Affairs.

Printing the Job Posting From the Careers Site

Remember you must make a copy of the job posting on the careers site before the closing date for inclusion in the appointment dossier. Having a copy of the requisition will not prove the job was posted, and an actual copy of what appears on the U of T careers site is a required part of the appointments process.

The copy of the job posting must include the equity statements that appear on the careers site.

Use these instructions to create a PDF image of the job posting:

  1. In your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox), go to the careers site and find the job posting you want to print.
    Tenure- and teaching-stream and CLTA positions
    Clinical and hospital-based appointments
  2. Highlight the all of the text of the job posting including the required statements.
  3. Hit “CTRL + P” on your keyboard to initiate the print process.
  4. In the printer dialog box, choose “Print to PDF” or “Adobe PDF” and in the Page Range field, choose “Selection.” This means it will only print what was highlighted.

5. Click “Print” and you will be prompted to name the PDF file. (Hint: use the job title and requisition as the file name so you can easily find it).

6. The file will look something like this: