Mechanism for Circulation of Confidential Materials: 1. Hard Copy File

The most common and traditional mechanism which is consistent with confidentiality and file integrity is to provide each Tenure Committee member or Continuing Status Review Committee member with a full hard copy file for each candidate.

This process remains the same as in previous years.

Files to Provost’s Office

One hard copy of the final tenure dossier/continuing status review (CSR) file will be required when submitted to the Provost’s Office for review.

For tenure dossiers, the standard sections outlined in the tenure dossier segment of the AAPM will continue to apply.

If you use one of the electronic methods for sharing the tenure dossier/CSR file, it would be helpful if units would also submit an electronic copy of each with the hard copy file.

Once the Review is Complete

Academic Units should always keep one complete, full copy of each tenure dossier/CSR file. Once the review is complete, Chairs should collect and securely dispose of all extra hard copy files.